Our new Coerver® Coaching Franchising program is perfect for business people that want to get into football and football people that want to get into business. Don't just buy yourself a Job! Discover how you can easily run a "Genuine Business System". The Coerver® Coaching Franchising system is a premium coaching business that provides an unrivalled level of support for franchisees, from a coaching and business perspective.

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What is franchising exactly?

Franchising is a way of doing business and generally involves using another person's business model. Owning a franchise usually allows you to use and/or distribute the products, techniques, and trademarks of the franchisor, for a royalty fee. The franchisor usually offers support services, such as training, national or international advertising, marketing tools and other services.

Why should I choose a Coerver Coaching franchise?

Coerver Coaching is recognised as the World’s Number one Skills teaching method and offers a proven and successful system in coaching, where there is always demand in one of the fastest growing participation sports and the customers' loyalty lies with the Coerver brand built up over 31 years in 44 countries. Coerver Coaching is the largest technical skills business in the world; over 31 years’ experience shows we are successful and trusted.

  • Are franchised businesses more successful?

    Generally experts agree that franchised businesses have a better chance of success compared to independent small businesses. They put this down to a variety of factors including:

    • The vested interest that the franchisor has for the franchisee to succeed
    • The proven business model which has been tried and tested
    • Ongoing support from the franchisor
    • The established brand and customers who are loyal to the brand

  • What are the criteria for becoming a Coerver Coaching Franchisee?

    There are 2 main criteria that need to be met in order to become a franchisee.

    1. Business: Coerver Coaching Australia will assist franchisees with their business plan which will help you decide if there is an opportunity in your area and provide you with a road map to starting your business.

    2. Coaching: The director of Coaching must be a minimum FFA C license as well as hold a Diploma in Coerver Coaching Youth Development. Other coaches within the program must have minimum of a senior license qualification as well as a Diploma in Coerver Coaching Youth Development. All coaches must be successfully vetted by police and social services and pass our child protection policy. At least one person must be full time in the business.

    In addition to this it is good business practice to do as much research as you can in terms of access to facilities, competition, local relationships with schools/clubs/players etc. All of our licensees have found this a very useful first step in setting up their business. With our support, our goal is for all of our franchisees to build successful, sustainable long term businesses.

  • Why own a Coerver Franchise?

    Because our proven systems, support and training means you and your team become leaders in technical coaching and a preferred supplier in the sports coaching sector.

  • What territories are available & what is the cost?

    We are currently franchising Australia-and New Zealand wide and each franchisee will have their own territory.

  • How long does the Franchise agreement last for?

    Our Franchise Agreements are for 5 years. Running a Coerver® Coaching Franchise is a full time career.

  • I don't have a lot of experience with IT, will that be a problem?

    IT will play a big part in your business through the Coerver Customer Relationship System.

    Coerver Coaching Australia has built a bespoke system that provides a transparent overview on all the information you need to run a Coerver Franchise.

  • Would I get support/training in opening and running a Coerver Franchise?

    Yes, Coerver Coaching offers full training and support package for those opening a new franchise. We provide ongoing training and management support through our in-house trainer; local and national marketing campaigns and a comprehensive Operations Manual.

  • I know nothing about football or running my own business; can I still buy a Coerver franchise?

    Yes, you simply need to be able to work well with people and have the drive to run your own business. We provide all the training and tools that you will need to be successful.

    Our goal is to help our franchisees concentrate on two main areas:

    1. Developing their businesses and
    2. Delivering world class coaching.

    We believe that our support package is perfect for people with a football background that want to get into business, as well as business people that want to get into football.

    Our comprehensive Operations Manual provides a detailed, user friendly guide to every aspect of your business.

    We will also conduct business and technical meetings regularly, as well as weekly webinars that can address any of your business, operations or coaching issues. The most important point is that you are willing to work hard and have an entrepreneurial spirit.

  • How much does it cost?

    The cost of a franchise can vary and we will discuss on application.

  • Can I sell my business?

    Each business is independently owned and operated, and as such you are free to sell your business. The purchaser must be a person that is approved by Coerver Coaching Franchising and must be successfully vetted by police and social services and pass our child protection policy.

  • Would I be required to work in the business?

    You don't necessarily need to work hands on in the business. Depending on your experience and areas of expertise, you may choose to do so. The majority of Coerver owners take responsibility for the management and administration of the business and we assist you to recruit suitable team leaders to manage the operational areas of the business.

  • How long does it take to open a Coerver franchise if I decide to become a franchisee?

    Depending on the territories available, legal processes, training, it will generally take approximately 4 - 8 weeks.

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