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Coerver® Coaching Player Pathway


Coerver® Coaching New Zealand is pleased to share with you the “Coerver® Coaching Player Pathway”, which outlines how players can progress within Coerver® Coaching regardless of age and ability, making them a complete player by the time they are ready to move onto the next stage of their career:


Phase 1: Developing First Skills (Ages 3-6)

In Phase 1, Coerver® Coaching New Zealand offers the "First Skills" programme, which includes after-school sessions, and "Holiday Camps" (for 5 years +) are held during school breaks. These programmes focus on developing the fundamental skills of young players through fun and engaging activities.


Phase 2: Developing Individual Core Skills (Ages 7-12)

For Phase 2, Coerver® Coaching New Zealand offers after-school sessions with two programme options: "Creative Player" and the "Performance Academy." These programmes concentrate on developing individual core skills, including ball control, dribbling, and advanced moves, for players aged 7 to 12, based on their ability. Additionally, during school holidays, players can participate in "Holiday Camps" and "Academy Camps," which provide further skill development opportunities.


Phase 3: Developing an Effective Team Player (Ages 13-16)

In Phase 3, Coerver® Coaching New Zealand provides the "Performance Academy" and "Academy Camps" for players aged 13 to 16. These programmes are designed to enhance players' skills, tactical understanding, and teamwork, developing them into effective team players. The Performance Academy offers regular training sessions, while the Academy Camps provide intensive training during specific periods such as school holidays.


Coerver® Coaching New Zealand also offers additional specialised programmes, including 1-on-1 Coaching, Goalkeeping, Futsal, and Girls Only programmes. These specialised offerings cater to specific player needs and interests, providing further avenues for skill development and growth. In addition, we have national and international playing tour and camp opportunities for players 8 and above which are continually being planned and updated to make more opportunities for our players.


By providing programmes such as First Skills, Creative Player, Performance Academy, and Academy Camps, as well as specialised products, Coerver® Coaching New Zealand ensures that players at different stages of the Player Pathway receive age-appropriate training and development opportunities. These programmes and offerings support players in progressing through the phases and maximising their potential in a supportive and tailored coaching environment.


Our programmes are accessible online for booking through our website. Feel free to reach out to us at any time to explore the exciting opportunities we have in store for your child's development.





Shannon Thomas

Director Coerver® Coaching Tāmaki & New Zealand