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Coerver Coaching Tāmaki - Performance Academy Launch

Coerver Coaching Tāmaki is delighted to announce that our Performance Academy programme launches next month. Running entirely in the off-season, this programme will provide all participants with significant technical development ahead of next season. If you want to have your best season yet, be more confident and creative with the ball and learn 1v1 game moves to allow you to beat opponents - then you should consider attending. 

Trials to attend this programme are now open for registration - these sessions are free and designed to help players and parents understand how the sessions work and allow us to select playing groups of equal ability for the Academy sessions.

We believe that this programme is Auckland's most comprehensive technical development programme, and players of all ages and abilities will be able to see benefits that will take their game to the next level in 2023.

If you are serious about your child's football development, then we strongly encourage you to consider this programme instead of or in addition to a Club Academy this off-season. Our expert coaches, globally recognised curriculum and teaching method that has been continually refined for the last 38 years will work wonders for your child's game.

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming trials - for more information or to register go to the links below:


Trial 1 - 2nd October 2022:

Trial 2 - 6th October 2022: