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Soccer skills teaching method

School Programs
Age : 4 - 16

Coerver® Coaching’s School programs are flexible to school requirements and can run for a day or a whole term. The program can also be utilized as part of the school’s physical activity program. Program sessions are planned from the Coerver® Coaching globally recognized Pyramid of Player Development with an emphasis on:

• Ball Mastery
• Receiving & Passing
• Moves – 1v1 Attack & Defense
• Speed
• Finishing
• Group Play

Regardless of ability level, the Coerver® Coaching System is designed to improve football and social skills, academic performance and general well-being.

FREE Introductory Programme @ Mairangi Bay School

07/05/2024 - 14/05/2024

Mairangi Bay School

3.15pm - 4.15pm or 4.30pm - 5.30pm